Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Danielle Krysa, Renaissance Artisan

Danielle Krysa, 2011 

For all you gorgeous artists out there who have persevered through an immense block fear no more, Danielle Krysa one of the most awe-inspiring renaissance humans, I have ever had the good fortune to converse with has the cure for your artistic malady.


First and foremost, I would like to tell you about how Danielle brings constant eloquence to our wonderful Mother Earth. Danielle is the Creative Director of an innovative company entitled Great.ly, the voice and mastermind behind The Jealous Curator blog and connected Facebook page. Personally, I have always adored The Jealous Curator title especially with all the contemporary ingenious artistic creations Danielle generously shares via her blog, no jealousy there, simply honouring an amazing body of work from artisans from every curve of our globe. Further more, a graphic designer and artist in her own right to boot! Oh, yes, absolutely, Danielle searches, snips, glues the most thought provoking multi-layer/medium & textured collages that my delighted brown eyes relished & feasted upon first sight. 

As I mentioned earlier, Danielle has published a book to aid in times of the dreaded barricade of a blank void consistently mocking and taunting you. This book features artists from all over the world and their methodology of unleashing the power to fight their way through it instead of being stuck in a slump. When your muse no longer wants to participate with your core, “CREATIVE BLOCK” provides the tools and techniques to unleash your desire providing fuel your next magnificent commission. 

CREATIVE BLOCK events have found Danielle all over North America from Galleries in New York, Los Angeles right to her home town of Vancouver. If serendipity finds you residing in Vancouver or Victoria British Columbia, Portland Oregon, or Seattle Washington and are interested in attending one in your area or closest location, please refer to The Jealous Curator’s Facebook page for dates and tickets. I can’t wait until Danielle flies down to the East Coast and makes her way to Toronto. Now, that is going to be an event I plan to attend! 

Just a thought from my core, which I can genuinely absorb…in the future travelling to an immense museum similar perhaps to The Louvre, walking through their bookstore excitedly holding “CREATIVE BLOCK” and contemplating what the immense painters and sculptures would do to work through that large slab right in their path?  Would some from this group house the methodology of the artists from the days of old be similar to current ones? A compelling thought indeed and cycle that is eclectically infinite as long as we all compose within our personal imaginarium & oubliettes. 

COLLAGE Danielle’s second book is currently available for pre-order with a release date of September 2014. I have already put a request to purchase both of them simultaneously. And, am so very delighted as Fall 2014 can not arrive soon enough for me to adorn my book shelf with 2 new books pertaining to a subject I am utterly OBSESSED with “ART!” 

Danielle, keep creating those awesome collages, sharing lovely pieces with the world through The Jealous Curator and of course making sure, everyone has spectacular artwork in their lives to purchase, design or host through Great.ly. You and your work are a source of constant inspiration that fosters an expression within us to strive and pursue our artistic destiny through our hand-selected craft.