Friday, 1 July 2016


Another year, another challenge.. this one I believe won't just be whimsical but also quite -- sweet...  

When my family first emigrated from Beirut due to civil unrest, our first years in Canada and some of my favourite memories are from the time we resided in Montreal.  Those of you who are familiar with CCIQ know from my self interview this past January  ego + alter = weird convo that this challenge will be: stretched, boiled, tempered, pressed, poured, flavoured, tumbled and drizzled... all things sugar based... 

I started to think about my earliest memories with regards to "CANDY!".  You know, the 5 W's? And this is what I came up with -- as best as I can recollect.  I'd just brushed my teeth, it must have been around 7:30 pm at night (can't really remember the exact time but; it was housed by a dark fall sky) I was about 3 1/2 or so.  One of my parent's friends had decided to come by for an impromptu visit and with him in tow was a small brown paper bag for moi.  I so desperately wanted to know what was in the bag and found out in about 5 minutes time -- from their friends arrival.  It was completely filled with different types of confection.  Needless to say, I forgot all about my brushed teeth and devoured a few morsels of candy before falling asleep with this brown paper bag concealed under my bed.  I have a very addictive personality and "CANDY!" pretty much became it for me.  Even to this day there are bowls and tubs of "CANDY!" all over my apartment.  It's only fitting, I devote a year to it... 

lollipops & glitter bow ties

“lollipop lollipop 
oh lolli lolli lolli 
lollipop lollipop
oh lolli lolli lolli 
lollipop lollipop
oh lolli lolli lolli 
lollipop” * 

Dylan's Candy Bar, Wild West Pop 
no, you missed
your queue...
i don't think
anyone noticed
since you didn't
completely stop
in your tracks
-- you continued
to sing

only one
in our troop
or someone
who is beyond
with the lyrics
would've recognized
your error

-- we're back
on in five minutes
try not to forget
your lines
for blueberry hill
our audience
knows that song
quite well

now, before
the second set
go & check
your glitter 
before you grab
the box of dark 
chocolate godiva 
blueberries bars 
from the corner
-- they need to be
placed in baskets
before we can hand
out the individual
boxes to our

* lollipop, the chordettes