Saturday, 9 July 2016

milk, dark & white

flavours don't say
fuck you -- i hate you
because of your colour

they speak a little
because they know
of nothing with regards
to hue of origin

their knowledge
is tempered, carved
& melted

to some humans
who do not tolerate
hate crimes against
those of different
-- whatever it may be

-- just different!!!

in a world full
of sheep
a unique
stands on the toes
of enlightenment

suffice it to say
destruction while
black -- is not alright
it's 2016 our cerebellum
hasn't been able
to catch up with
our tech

judgement by colour
and a handful of other
things -- human beings
who relish the prospect
of detesting another
individual due to a whole
slue of discrimination
is not alright

that's this obscure
poets opinion