Wednesday, 27 July 2016

secret love notes...

intimate thoughts
rise while quiet
echo phrases
of authentic

Photo credit, Baci Chocolates UK 
i wonder
how many
had to love
in secret?

there was one chocolatier
in italy who was unequivocally
infatuated with a woman
he wouldn't be able
to have a proper
romantic relationship
with -- not because
she was betrothed
to another... her parents
would never accept
she marry someone
who makes

his response to this
unrequited love
was to create something
in concept similar
to a fortune

but in lieu of pressing
rounds he hand wrapped
each delicate morsel
of hazelnut chocolate
in a exquisite sterling
silver hued cover

under each piece
he hid a parchment
that reflected
poignant phrases
to a love he can only
dream about
but never