Sunday, 24 July 2016

sugar daddy, not the kind you might think....

when i think of yummy adhere
to your teeth forever goodness
sugar daddy
photo credit candy warehouse
-- i begin to dream of sugar

daddy's. they've got to be
the best thing on a stick next
to that chocolate dipped cheese

cake pop i had in maui over -- 
13 years ago. something about
this almost burnt caramel

flavoured confection that 
urges me, 
         to dare, 
                to turn, 
                      into a hoarder.
one that keeps candy's in secret

drawers and locations – oh wait
i already do that. watch out below
someone has found my stash

and my treats are in jeopardy
of being eaten by three little
monsters -- hell bent on devouring

all of my sweets. i suppose
i should permit them -- as these
little ones are mine and i must 

try and share. wouldn't you?