Monday, 18 July 2016

um, what's this?

even as an adult
my toes still curl
at the thought of insects
i don't discriminate
either -- creepy
crawlies are indeed

cricket lollipop, photo credit

quite beautiful
still slightly

i'd watched a television
show in the early 90's
where a student gave
their famished principal
candy coated insects
i thought it was a joke
-- i mean why would
anyone want to eat
chocolate dipped
crickets or even
a jiminy pop?!

as i was advised
when i was younger                  
“les goĆ»ts et les couleurs
ne se discutent pas”
which i can completely
appreciate as not everyone
will like the same things

... a cricket lollipop
is the perfect example
who knows maybe
there is an exceptional
candy crunch mixed
in with an exoskeleton
one would only eat
out of desperation
or for the flavours?

-- for me i do not
think i would
chose the latter