Thursday, 11 August 2016

cow tail soup?

“double, double toil and trouble; 
fire burn, and caldron bubble”

i found this ancient cast iron
cow tails 
caldron that had been set to pasture
by the side of an abandoned
barn -- the symbol at the front
& back of this vessel compelled
me to pick it up and place
it in the trunk of my aqua-blue
cherokee -- never mind the phoenix
talons which fortified this self
stationary piece of architectural history

upon arrival home -- of course
i had to google this symbol right
away -- it was called a triquetra
which symbolizes many things
depending on when in history
you were first exposed
to it -- either way i was
prepared to utilize
this caldron to its true
potential -- not for a witches
brew but one of sugary

the only problem
is that i was so distracted
by the ornamental design
i'd forgotten to purchase 
cow tails on the way

... where are my keys