Wednesday, 3 August 2016

isn't that sacrilegious?

father ramsperger:

      “body of christ.”


necco wafers
photo credit, candy warehouse

hmm, there's something
a little off about this host
should probably ask
my teacher...


      “excuse me miss kyer
       these do not taste like
       hosts -- normally do?”

miss kyer:

      “oh! I'm sorry! I forgot
       to tell the class, we had
       to substitute our regular
       church wafers with candy.
       I didn't think any of you
      would mind!”


      “we wish you had warned
       us. i think too many of us
       feel a bit guilty eating
       candy instead of jesus'

maria cara:

      “marguerite, wake up! I
       can't believe you fell asleep
       during liturgy again.”


      “shh, you don't need to be
       so loud, i was having the

       best dream about CANDY!”