Monday, 29 August 2016

Maya's Opus

One of my dear friends
was on Facebook
the other day
requesting a quote
from someone
whistle pops 
who said --

is larger
than any of us 
or something
along those

a light switch 
turned on my internal 
writing studio -- inside 
of my cerebellum
and obviously
I began to think
about a song
that I'd not heard
in decades...

a song
that I'd first
heard in secondary
school before two
popular remakes
-- one that I wasn't
able to find until
now, thanks to the modern
conveniences of cocktail

the original will always
remain as my favourite
it radiates my entire
body -- something
that catches a heart
to remain static
to absorb every
bit of sanguine

oh and by the way
Maya found
her quote:

and the song
I am speaking
about is: