Tuesday, 9 August 2016

sadness induced, by your inconsideration...

there are some candies
that only bring forth
emotions of extreme
anger -- followed by a shake
of the head in quiet contemplation
you're so selfish!”

you see, there will always
bridge mixture 
be individuals that leave
us to react or over with regards
to specific situations

like let's say christmas
when your best-friends
girlfriend insults you 
-- with 3 boxes of bridge mixture she'd purchased for $1.99 
even though we agreed
on a $20 limit for each of us

a gleeful temperament
would never take away
from the pain but -- thoughtful
moments of self kindness
reveal -- it's ok for others
to be assholes

that's their karma
and sad to say there was no delight
as i'd watched her life
become more
& more

my karma
is intact
-- in situations
such as this one
i am certain
my behaviour
will eventually
be judged
as no one
is safe from

with the implementation
of a grotesque core
that will never