Monday, 12 September 2016

little goatherd REDUX!

where's that bloody 
marionette rope? 

i heard my inner voice 
push through with a high
squealed “stupid you!”

i can't believe -- once AGAIN! 
i misplaced it!? 

it's essential 
red licorice rope
photo credit candy warehouse 
that i find where it's
decided to play 

this twisted into 
itself tool was made 
for me last week 
by merlin -- during 
our monthly tea 

(he found 
out what i used 
to do for a living 
and needed someone 
he could trust 
-- after speaking 
to numerous 
he thought 
he would allow 
his shoulders 
to rest on the universal 
law of finding someone
somewhere where 
it was least

so i helped him 
with his existential 
dilemma and he assisted me 
with my cookie marionette 
project -- the only rope 
available in his workshop 
that day was red licorice 
-- apparently my fairy merlin 
had a sweet tooth which rivalled
mine -- he knew once i saw 
the shiny red rope 
it would be ideal 
for the assembly of my  
non creepy puppet

i needed to remind 
myself however 
this was indeed a crimson 
magical liquorice rope

with all enchantments 
there will be a price to pay 
with little bites 
which came 
in the metamorphosis 
of a....