Sunday, 25 September 2016

sweetarts but; no cake!

large events
can transform -- even
the most confident
individual into not just
a thimble full of anxiety
but -- a massive size
puddle of expectations
and permissions
which right off
the bat are
swee tarts

which left me no choice
but to elope -- my wedding
day consisted of waking
up with my love
-- all the preparations
had been made
at the local

all we had to do
was show up
and say
“i do!”

that's my knot tying 
experience -- all my life
i knew i wasn't meant
to have a splashy
nuptial celebration
with hundreds
of individuals
in attendance
-- that i'd probably
never see 

needless to say
it was a wonderful
crisp autumn day
in l'amour...