Tuesday, 18 October 2016


can you hear it?
the silent high decibel
screams able to puncture
an inner ear in a millisecond?

those are the patients
unable to speak
flower candy
photo credit candy warehouse
rendered mute
due to barbaric
inhumane procedures

-- there was this one
victim who would walk
the halls of the asylum

unfortunately, only those
who'd been given proper
are able to see

for some reason...
in order to observe fleur
(that is what they used
to call her when she was
alive -- because she would
relish the prospect of being
able to lie down in the flower
beds each time the orderlies
became distracted)

the selection of flower
made no difference -- fleur
would've gladly sought
respite among the roses
even if it meant puncture
marks all over her back

in order to cure fleur
of her affliction -- you guessed
it! a lobotomy was issued
to render her lifeless

her revenge when she passed
was to guide all of the wayward
humans --  unable to contemplate
for themselves after their
“noninvasive procedure” where
she sought the most solace
during her living years
in the asylum

right in the bleeding heart
bushes -- you can only imagine
the orderlies surprise one day
when they found thirteen
bodies all blanketed
with the flowers
from the fleurs