Wednesday, 5 October 2016

the forbidden arachnid; comes out once a year...

enhanced laughter
permeates inside
my apartment
during the halloween
season -- for some reason
spider candy
photo credit candy warehouse
october seems to be the month
where my husband
and i try to frighten
each other
out of our wits
and stupid
me -- i fell
for it
-- again!!!

so this was the calamity
that brought forth
an irritated scream
with giggle

i was sitting
my own business
binge watching
flash and arrow (i
will be the first person
to admit that i am
a superhero junkie..)

where was i, oh yes,
my husband, came into
wash his hands

5 minutes later
he darkened my door 
and asked that i turn
the tap off -- he said
he could hear the water
dripping from the living
room -- although he has
superhuman hearing
i should have genuinely
thought of his request
as extremely weird

like a stupid
dutiful wife i went
into the water closet
to turn it off -- right
when i entered the bathroom
i saw this large spider
leg and screamed

the thing was the size
of a tarantula
and so obviously
fake but half lit
lighting makes
for a wonderful
prank -- needless to say
i've confiscated the spider
in a devious plot to vindicate
myself from screaming
at something
so ridiculous...

“taking revenge plans
if anyone has ideas...”*

...told you i was an arrow

*arrow season 4 episode 21