Saturday, 22 October 2016

wish i had a camera...

i remember
when i was in grade 11
i skipped one of my classes
to hang out with a friend
of mine by the pond
right beside my old
secondary school

the discussion
was filled with anticipation
of the future, what it would
bring -- post secondary
education and potential

a really frightening
transition for young individuals
as it's limbo time between
being a child and adulthood

dreams have a way
of manifesting
even at a young age
there are so many things
that we carry with us
that would have been
made simpler
if we not only
take a look
at our roots
but also the sky
as we are able
to sprout

there was something
special about the atmosphere
that day -- and it wasn't
afraid to show it's face
fluid colours
in the formation
of an inverted