Sunday, 22 January 2017

jubjub bird or jujube treats

are you a fan
of alice in wonderland
do you long to linger
with the cheshire
cat and blue caterpillar?
or perhaps cause a ruckus
with the mad hatter
as he plots to ruin
the queen of hearts'
tea party -- a world
where only a few
are able to enter
-- at their own risk
of course

it is a nice thought
to be surrounded
by all the little nuances
wonderland offers
like perhaps
the bread a butterflies
that float without a care
as long as they have
enough jujube nectar

or perhaps surround
yourself with the chaos
which conceals itself
as the jubjub bird?

either way -- allow
your imaginarium
to be filled
with such whimsy
and delight

to dream...