Wednesday, 1 February 2017

have a chocolate cigar for; finally getting a clue!

you: i don't know what
i am going to do!?

me: what do you normally do?

you: i tend to hide under
my blanket until it is over.

me: why?

you: because when i hide
i no longer have to contend
with the awkward side
of who i am.

me: but you realise
it is those cluster fuck
moments -- that will make
you stronger -- not being
concealed under an ivory
cotton goose down duvet?!

you: do they? do they really?

me: i promise they do.

you: who are you to make
those kinds of promises
-- you don't even know me.

me: no, but i know the potential
humans have for greatness
if they simply believe
in a tremendous
asset -- their essence.

you: ok mountain mover
what do i need to do?

me: be kind to who you are
-- regardless of how many
plankton exoskeletons
coat the sahara -- each individual
piece houses inside of itself
it's own galaxy.

you: you mean like how humans
are compiled of different
microorganisms managed
by one mind?

me: yes that is the case
-- you are your own galaxy
the choice is yours -- how
will you rule?