Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Interview with Dagmara K, Spillwords Press

The first time that I'd learned of Spillwords.com I relished their mandate -- how emotion through written verse reigned in every single corner of their web site.  I was able to properly catch up with probably one of the kindest individuals I've ever had the opportunity of communicating with; Director of  Development Dagmara K. Be prepared because even Breakfast at Tiffany's makes its way into this dialogue...  I would like to invite all of you to follow Spillwords.com via social media through: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

RMMW: Do you also write poetry?

DK: I have written in the past, but more as a hobby. These days I leave writing poetry to all the authors of Spillwords Press, whose works I greatly enjoy on a daily basis. On occasion, I do like to play artist though and create a featured image to one of the scheduled for publication pieces.

RMMW: What is Spillwords' genesis story?

DK: This is the story I was told:

The story of Spillwords started a while back ago when a son was talking to his mother, about a conversation she had with her aging mother. A conversation about "what could have been..." of the if's and maybe's.

That was the spark and the idea that blossomed with the poem "Today I am" written by Anne G. The bud became the flower, and words turned into what Spillwords Press is today, a website that supports those who want to share their words and pursue their poetic dreams, leaving "what could have been" behind as they pave their futures by writing the pages of their lives whilst sharing their muse with a supportive community of other readers and writers.

RMMW: What social media platforms work well for increasing the reach of your

DK: We do try to use them all, especially Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, with a big emphasis on Twitter. For us Twitter is definitely our primary social media platform and the one with the biggest community of Spillwords writers and readers. We also value quality vs quantity, and we are proud to say that our engagement on Twitter (impressions) is bigger than in accounts with 15k or more followers, which we only have our Spillwords community to thank for.

RMMW: How do you feel the internet and social media shapes the well-being of
poetry on a whole?

DK:I think that when it comes to poetry, the internet was like a never discovered door that opened to a brand-new world, and social media flung this door open. Today, everyone can be a poet and a writer, and share their poesy worldwide and you never know whom your words will connect with. They can give someone the courage they were missing, brighten somebody’s day, or prove that they’re not the only person in the world feeling lost, or alone. That’s where Spillwords Press comes in. We help writers to spill their words to the vast world of the internet with the aid of social media.

RMMW: Please describe for us a typical day as the Director of Development?

DK: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Dinner Game and The Last Supper. I love movies, but seriously my typical day looks more like The Office (TV show with Steve Carell) but with work actually being done ☺ Most importantly, making sure that everything is set for the following day, besides… touch base with other team members, scheduling publications, communicating with authors, overseeing any special projects, etc.

RMMW: Who are some of your favourite Poets from Spillwords and why?

DK: Well, I should definitely mention you to score some points on this interview ☺ We are very fortunate to have such talented writers filling our pages with a vast variety of literary works. Some poets have been collaborating with us from the very inception of Spillwords.com, some have been with us for a year now, and some just came across our website and in the spur of the moment decided to submit their work. We favor them all as “variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor” – William Cowper, and our goal is to feature different minds with different point of views in a variety of literary forms.

RMMW: As the editor of Spillwords what kind of deadlines do you work with and
how do manage them?

DK: I think the most important deadline is always as regards to daily scheduling. The challenge is how to create exposure for each writer without over-saturating the calendar with his/her works. Our intention is to impact readers with literary works of a particular author, and always leave them wanting more. Our mission is to guide them through our daily publications, discovering new voices and literary forms while shaping a positive experience through content and navigation. To accomplish it, we try to spread the submissions of a given writer through time, balance new authors vs the ones that are already established with our press, taking into account the themes of submitted literary works and upcoming holidays, etc.

RMMW: Can anyone submit work and what is the criteria?

DK: Spillwords Press is a place for everyone who believes that words matter. We are open to new and continued collaborations with published and unpublished authors, or anyone who wants to share their work with our audience. It’s a place where you can submit many literary genres, from haiku, through poetry, to a short story or an article, and more. As for the criteria, we’re always looking for originality, an ability to connect with readers, flow of spilling your thoughts onto the page, and that certain something that keeps your eyes peeled and evokes emotions within.

RMMW:  Are submitted pieces heavily edited before being posted to the site?

DK: Each submitted piece goes through the review process, and once approved it is prepared for publication. We do not tend to over edit submitted literary works, as we value the writer’s unique style, and sometimes use of poetic license. That being said, sometimes we do need to correct minor grammatical, syntax or spelling errors. If our editing team should find any of the aforementioned errors, we will attempt to contact the writer for further clarification.

RMMW: If you had a superpower what would it be?

DK: The superpower of perfect spelling, that I could share with all the writers submitting their work to Spillwords. It may or may not be my pet peeve;) but on a more imaginative note, I’d like to have the superpower of travelling in a blink of an eye, distance and time wise. No jetlag, lots of leg space and all the wonders of the world before me. Being able to discover, eye to eye, who was the first person to inhabit this earth, hear the voiced theories of Greek philosophers, attend a ball in over-ornamented Victorian gown full of folds and draperies, and at the end of the day, watch a sundown from atop the Golden Gate Bridge.