Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Katy Naturalista

If you enjoy sensuality and desire my next poets showcase is for you. Katy Naturalista is a poet who relishes focusing on the verity of humanity through sexual passion. Her pieces exemplify positive aspects of having a healthy sexual appetite and soulful hunger for life throughout her body of work. As well as the physical and emotional correlation between intimate interpersonal relations between a muse that has most certainly influenced these passionate works listed below.

"Twin flame”, “Sensual Canvas” and “Royal Romance” are from Katy's newly released book; Lust Redeemed Love and Pain Life Reclaimed which you can purchase from Amazon here. Please feel free to follow Katy on social media via Instagram and Facebook where you can also find some of her recorded poetry readings. It's worth the listen for sure!!!

Twin flame”

I sit here wondering
Are you thinking of me
The universe claims
We are meant to be
Hearts seeing each other as
Twin flames
Burning bright blue
Throughout our days
Feelings so deep
Neither of us exclaimed
Falling in the universe's core claim
Meant to be together
Twin flames
Our declared
Claim to fame

Exciting isn't when you first discover someone who may potentially be your soul mate. The time spent thinking about them in that manner could genuinely take all day -- it is that type of intensity that I believe fuels us as human beings.

Sensual Canvas”

My body your Canvas
You are my paint
The Vessel from Whom you drank
Stroke gentle flowers up and down my legs
Illustrate the passionate thoughts
Flowing through my head
Make me your abstract Goddess
My body is your awakening
Take me as your lusting display...

The first thing that came to mind while reading this poem was not only the beauty of love and physical expression but also the act of body-painting -- how one must take care with something so personal. As an art lover to think of the human form as a canvas is quite the erotic and beautiful thought.

Royal Romance”

I think of you as my romance King and I your
To love to lust, to make passion rise like a
forbidden dust
I run my hand over your pulsing chest
I feel you remove less and less
I kiss your lips in a sweet caress
We then let free all the day's stress
I “loved” you once
As you were deep within me
You continued to hold me close
and I kept relieving
I see your blissful caring eyes
Do you feel my hips between your throbbing
You stopped the flow to cherish this moment
our eyes stared in flamboyance

There are so many factors about eyes during moments of intensity that simply amplifies the emotions one feels during confidential times -- gives me butterflies just thinking about. You know the old saying -- we eat with our eyes first?  Well, I believe that applies to times of extreme yearing and exploration.  This piece also illustrates the imporatnce of tenderness to be able to connect in a manner with your lover where they are not just holding you but also your heart in their hands.  The last lines really stop to make you think... 

 "You stopped the flow to cherish this moment

our eyes stared in flamboyance"  Sigh!  that says it all right there...