Friday, 3 February 2017


at the age of six i remember
while i patiently waited
for the city bus to collect
myself and my aunt
for a ridiculous day
at montreal's amusement
park -- la ronde
at the stop around the rubbish
bin -- i spied a bee happily engrossed
in its personal operatic composition
obviously i'd been warned not to approach
-- needless to say i didn't listen

the bee was not too impressed
with me as i had been stung on my right
thumb toe -- luckily it didn't ruin
my day since loulou had some
ice packed up to keep drinks
frigid inside of our cooler
she calmly placed the cubes
over my toe and told
me everything would be fine
-- she was right

i relished the day
in constant motion
from ride-to-ride