Monday, 27 March 2017

Harpreet M Dayal

You know when you go into a bakery how there's always a glorious selection of: breads, cakes & pastries. Beautifully designed and the insides allow your taste buds to linger on such delectable tastes,such as a: chocolate cheesecake with graham cracker crust, topped with a pool of liquid caramel before being reinforced by a brownie wall.  YUMMY!!!  That is exactly what Harpreet M Dayal's pieces remind me of -- little delights of emotion that transcend the reader to a place of quiet reflection and tranquility while devouring a delicious dessert.

Take me to a place where
enchanted wildflowers grow.
Where we can wander in the
depth of the pristine world that is
brand new. Unknown to anyone
but you and I.

A place where the first ray of
saffron sun may land upon our
parched skin and seep into our
hearts and minds, eternally

Upon first read, the thing that came to mind was the Garden of Eden before the snake enters stage left. A utopia completely created for two individuals looking to live and be completely engrossed by each other. Secret worlds are among some of my favourite places especially when you have someone to share such an experience with you. I imagine – a place where romance exists on a daily level, where things are not taken for granted and genuinely appreciated for the organic surrounding and company that stands by their side daily. Can you imagine such a place with the one that you love? I sure can and it appears to be entirely magnificent like the piece above.

There will be days when you want
nothing more than to build a wall
around your heart and hide away in its
depths. But I say be brave and
unwavering, leave the doors to your
heart wide open and let in whatever
this life has to offer you. You were put
on this earth with all the tools within
you to face whatever is coming.

You know, this piece speaks of universal truths. We've all had them right, some days where life is too painful that you want to barricade your heart and reinforce it with large pieces of impenetrable metal. The problem with a guarded heart is that it's motivated by fear – fear to keep from getting hurt. But the point of life is to get hurt and heal an endless cycle that circles around all of us at some point or another in the course of our life. 

So true:

You were put
on this earth with all the tools within
you to face whatever is coming.

That to me says it all right there! There are certain things in life that must be faced no matter how horrible or brilliant an experience it might be. A hurt open heart will heal much faster than once that's closed its doors off forever. Forever, that is a really really really long time to not allow yourself to feel – the side effects will create a deteriorating body to match a closed core. I've seen it so many times in the course of my life, those who are willing to fight – do so with the knowledge that everything will not be filled with extreme light and love. Sometimes a cement covered heart will silence all with it's shattered hard coated shell.

I save a share of my tears and I
keep them in vials made of
crystals. I show them away
amongst the flowers that hang
from the ceilings of my heart.
They twinkle every once in a
while beneath the petals
remind me that when the
days comes for me to see you
again, will be the day I let those
vials go. They will shatter as
they fall from a great height to
the ground, letting my tears
flow freely.

I've never researched the properties of tears until this very morning there are different categories -- the ones held in Harpreet's crystal vials are psychic tears. I found that so very interesting -- I imaged as I always do the many snapshots that could have caused such painful or blissful tears. When perhaps: someone passes, a birth, marriage, getting the job you've always wanted or a break up. I pictured all of these scenes as images etched on the outside of the vial to be able to chronicle which tears where collected in what vial and why. It's quite the profound image indeed if you think about it. And, the end exemplifies true strength especially:

They will shatter as
they fall from a great height to
the ground, letting my tears
flow freely.

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time letting go with certain instances to have tears flow to create such an impact. Each vial could easily house a tsunami's worth of tears.