Saturday, 3 June 2017

Samaneh Sadaghiani

Short poems to me always packed an accelerated punch.  I tend to at times be too wordy -- but I can't help it -- I love words and tend to not use them sparingly.  Which is why I can spot the power of a short poem in microseconds. And Samaneh Sadaghiani uses these beautifully stylized micro poems to express herself with little pieces of delight.  

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#Dear Mysterious Number

Pain is our greatest guide
It nudges us to look within
To search for pieces of us
That need assurance
That they are safe and loved
We can choose to heal
Pieces trapped in fear
And pained by neglect
If we bring them into light
I hope you can forgive
Parts of me
And parts of you
That caused you harm

You know, I can't think of a single moment where something positive did not happen as a result of negative pain. I don't know what it is about life but -- there always seems to be a balance there. I really thought that the end of this piece was quite poignant indeed and telling.

I hope you can forgive
Parts of me
And parts of you
That caused you harm

The key here regardless of who caused the pain in forgiveness – we all have excessively ugly sides of ourselves -- where after certain actions forgiveness is essential. It's funny, individuals always think the forgiveness is for the other person to heal but it really isn't -- it's for us to properly console our soul -- no one should have any heaviness in their hearts yet we only at times seem to carry them.

#Mountain & The Wind

Bring me seeds
My world is without colour
The mountain called to the wind
Intrigued, the wind made an offer
I'll paint your world
In shades you've never seen
If you help ground me
In depths I've never been

Can you imagine a world void of colour? My imagination, can park it right here for a while as I linger on these two lines:

I'll paint your world
In shades you've never seen

I wonder what colourless seeds would look like – can you image? Step back and step into my imaginarium with me for a moment if you will. Someone one day gives you these clear seeds, you have no idea what do with them so you decide to plant them. I have the blackest of thumbs, all I have to do is look at greenery and I murder them -- forget the heat of the sun. Now, that being said someone with a more cultured and green thumb would be able to harvest such luscious colours. Kind of like the visible conversation occurring in this piece with the symbiotic relationship created between mountain and wind.


Once in awhile
We find ourselves
At another's taste
In something that we don't
Or won't appreciate
These are optimal times
To practice
Getting over ourselves

I've written about the subject of tastes many times, there's something incredibly comforting about having one's own genuine self-created genre. There will be a plethora of things that you like of course but, there are always going to be individuals out there who constantly want to kibosh it. I have no idea why individuals can never agree to disagree – especially in our day and age where there are so many beautiful pieces from: art work, clothing, furnishings – there is something for everyone to pick and chose what they relish being surrounded by. While I was growing up a constant quote kept rearing its head when the discussion of taster emerged from the conversation, which was: “les goĆ»ts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas” translated it means tastes and colours we do not dispute... which is why I quite flexible when it comes to enjoying various tastes.