Thursday, 24 August 2017

Interview, Rose & Jon Lupin

I know, that it might sound a little unrealistic but regardless of what happens in life -- I believe that love conquers all. And, my next interview with Poets Rose & Jon Lupin proves my point. These are two individuals who have decided to not only work hard on their relationship but; also at their chosen craft of writing Poetry. I must admit, I admire their spunk and ability regardless of how difficult things get to never give up – even though at times they've come close to the razors edge.

It was important for me to facilitate this interview because not only are Rose and Jon passionate writers each in their own right. They are also immense advocates who not only write about their causes but -- consistently speak out about them. We live in such an artificial world which makes me linger on Rose & Jon's works more. The careful use of phrases ensure not a single one is wasted with the utmost of authentic of expression. I would strongly recommend that you follow both Rose & Jon on Instagram your brain and soul with thank you for it.

Oh and before I forget to mention, Rose is working on putting her first book together and Jon has a book available for purchase on Amazon called My Sober Little Moon...

RMMW: Do either of you have any artist rituals before beginning a new piece?

J & R: Neither of us have any rituals before beginning a new piece but we both listen to music while we write.

RMMW: Which writers inspire your muse?

J: Rose, Ray Bradbury

R: Bob Dylan's style of writing music really speaks to me and moves me. I don't know if he inspires me so much as he impresses me with his word play and makes me wish I could write like him.

RMMW: How do you find social media has shaped how you share your poetry?

J: growing up, there was no internet for me in my teens and 20's, so sharing my work was relegated to where i could find a place to play my music (i'm originally a singer/songwriter). So with social media now available to me, I was able to rediscover my voice and share poems and pieces I was coming up with on the spot and pieces I had written earlier.

R: right now, Instagram is the only way I share my poetry but hopefully in the near future I will be able to broaden my reach by selling my book through bookstores.

RMMW: It's obvious from your social media interactions that the both of you love each other quite deeply? How do you keep that level of love alive amidst all life's trials and tribulations?

J &R: we keep it real, in the real world. social media is an easy place to create a fake life, and neither of us are like that in real life, so it seemed quite easy to be ourselves on social media, however, we do write under pseudonyms and our immediate family do not know about these writing accounts. But we are the same here as we are off the net. Our marriage and friendship has become an inspiration to many, and it is important for people to realize that if you are not selfish, you can make any relationship work.

RMMW: How did the two of you meet? Did you write poetry to each other during your courtship?

J&R: we were both trapped in a dungeon from some serial killer looking to skin our faces off and use them for who knows what. It seemed like it was the end so we just started making out hard, and then the police showed up because I left a trail of goldfish behind, i love those things, and we were saved. The rest is history.

RMMW: I know from having three kids myself that life can be quite challenging how do the both of you balance work, life and family all together?

J&R: It helps that I can be home most days with the kids while Jon does most of the working. We have found an important part of our sanity is finding time for ourselves. Regular date nights are a must, as well as individual alone time.

RMMW: Jon, you've been very open about your sobriety – how do you feel writing has impacted your recovery process?

J: having an outlet like writing, sharing the story, finding other people in early sobriety was what essentially brought me out of a vicious circle of relapsing. i hooked in with some special people and they guided me to AA and without them, without the Poetry Bandit experience, I may have drunk myself to death or ended up in a ditch somewhere. In addition to regular meetings, my writing is a key component to my sobriety.

RMMW: Rose, you've been very open discussing BiPolar – what you think needs to happen on a sociological level to once and for all end the stigma attached with mental illness?

R: I am open with my mental health and illness for the very reason of ending the stigma. If everyone were open and shared unabashedly of their experiences and struggles the stigma would disappear in a puff of smoke. It's a dream of mine that one day this will happen.

RMMW: Jon, please tell those who do not know about you 100K giveaway, while you discuss the premise to My Sober Little Moon?

J: I had the giveaway already - sorry this was so late in getting to you! The book chronicles all the poems i wrote while trying to get sober. they are very real, real time poems written when I would fail and drink again, or after coming back ashamed, or after finding some courage and getting some time in. As the book the progresses, so does the writer, finding some stable ground and becoming whole.

RMMW: Rose, how do you feel organizing your very first poetry book?

R: I have this feeling of trepidation and inadequacy, if I were to be completely honest. It holds me back at times and without Jon to push me along I know this book would not get completed.

RMMW: Have either of you ever been creatively blocked? If yes, what do you do to get those creative juices flowing?

R: Absolutely. The key is to just keep writing. I say this rather hypocritically as I have not written anything new in a number of weeks and that's due to a lack of creativity which is due to me being lazy. When I get really stuck the only thing that gets me out of it is forcing myself to write, not matter how crappy the content is. It's better to write something and then toss it in the trash than to not write at all.

J: Rose's response is similar to mine. Right now I feel that way and I'll probably head to the basement to write a bunch of crap, but it will feel good to hit the typewriter again and I will start on the road to writing meaningful pieces again for another book.

RMMW: We all have to contend with our inner critics constantly judging us, how do you contend with yours?

R: I complain to Jon and he tells me how untrue that voice is and I try my best to believe him!

J: I usually just re-write the piece until that critic inside me shuts the heck up.

RMMW: If you had a superpower what would it be?

R: It's a toss up between super strength and super speed. Can I pick both?

J: for me I'd have to pick healing powers. I'm not much of a risk taker anymore, but if I had healing power, I'd do all sorts of crazy stuff ... and an adamantium skeleton and claws as well. Definitely.