Poetess History...

Rania MM Watts, is a stay-at-home mom of 3 whimsical children, step-monster to two stunning adults & wife of one brilliant athletically inclined husband. Rania is looking to finally pursue, dream of being a working poet. Rania was born in Beirut, Lebanon to Palestinian parents in 1974. With the outbreak of the Lebanese Civil War in 1975, Rania's family emigrated to Canada when she was 2 years of age -- for a peaceful life that didn't involve bombs or explosions.

Rania's had numerous detours away from poetry including earning a Social Service Worker Diploma from Centennial College in 1997. The focus of Rania's studies encompassed: HIV/AIDS Awareness, Prevention, Advocacy and Suicidal Ideation.  After about 2 years of working as a professional R.S.S.W. -- Rania decided to resign. She couldn't contend with the heartache any more, her bereavement counselling repertoire grew quite quickly. Moreover, she'd lost a significant amount of clients to that dreaded disease -- that to this day still hold a special place in her memories.

Rania dabbles in myriad of Art mediums, however is most at home with a: pen, crayon, eyeliner, quill and any type of parchment. Always deemed a freak of nature because of her outlooks and perceptions, Rania's allowed her imagination to dominate her core since the age of 13 when she told Mr N her Grade 8 teacher that she desperately wanted to flee to Europe with a typewriter and create in fields of long grass... Ever since, Rania has been a Master Imaginarium & Oubliette Architect, there is NOTHING she can't write about!

Rania has three publications on the Amazon the first two: Covered Ink Quills & Rarities', Summer to Summer Rewind! were self published. And, lastly the Cockroach Blueprint which was recently published by (KUBOA) Press.

Rania genuinely has no idea why she's infatuated with possibility the least lucrative writing genre of our age!? Or, any other age for that matter. Nevertheless, this is Rania's wheelhouse and she knows it, as it's the only thing she's ever wanted to do in life!  Rania's even tried taking on different writing jobs for this blog or that... Each time her proclivity for poetry made it difficult to organically focus on anything else.